The Production Pastor Community

Join a community who cares about growing together as technical artists and disciples of Jesus.

The Production Pastor Community

You need community

To thrive in technical ministry, you need to surround yourself with technical leaders who understand the unique struggles of production. You need to know you’re not alone.

You need a safe place where you can be honest about the hard parts of your own ministry. You need friends who can help you care for your life outside of work. And you need coaches & guides who can share their own stories to help you along the way.

Production is a journey and we’re all on this journey together.

Online Community > Social Media

In the digital age, it’s easy to look at what another church is doing online. It’s easy to compare your gear, teams and services to every other church, without having context or understanding why they do what they do. Social media can be a great tool for connection, but it often leads to comparison and competition, not community.

An online community on the other hand, is a place where like-minded people grow together. No trolls or haters, just a group of people committed to the journey together.

Join a community who cares about growing together as technical artists and disciples of Jesus.

Join The Community

  • Grow with a community who knows what it’s like to work behind the scenes.
  • Get coaching & accountability from like-minded technical artists and leaders.
  • Get help and feedback to your specific ministry questions and challenges.
  • Share your own story and expertise to help others grow.
  • Shape the content of The Production Pastor as we teach others how to lead thriving technical ministries.


Who is this community for?

This community is for anyone who takes their growth as a technical artist seriously. Whether you’re full time at a church, a volunteer, or a technical artist on tour, you’re welcome here. We want to grow with you.

Why a paid community?

I want to provide value to any technical artist or leader who takes their growth seriously. There’s nothing wrong with a free Facebook group or online chat, but this community is designed to help you grow as a technical artist and a disciple of Jesus. The price creates a community where each member is invested in their own growth and the growth of every person in the community.

Can my church pay for this?

Absolutely! One goal of The Production Pastor is to have local churches invest in the leadership and spiritual growth of their technical artists. The Community is an excellent opportunity for your church to support you and your team.

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